F O C U S    &    D I R E C T I O N

An opportunity to join me in a workshop, an intimate experience where the content is led by the attendees.

I post to you, - a deliberate move - a questionnaire it's from those responses that allow me to ensure I cover what you really need from me as well as curate individual work for you that accompanies your time within the workshop itself.  

This will be the last of the F O C U S  &.   D I R E C T I O N  Workshops I'm hosting,

You can learn more and book your space following the link for either available sessions. Numbers are limited to ensure an intimate space is held and to ensure I can deliver the high quality of work for you that you deserve.


Through the process of my services , both online and in person I educate women to understand what they really need from their wardrobes.

Allowing them to to make focussed shopping decisions with a considered, sustainable approach. Confidently.