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S U P P O R T I N G     S H I F T S     544.00
this investment can be made over 5 months

I've connected with Personal Stylists previously through my workshops, through conversations I've had, collaborations.

For some time I've been thinking of how I can best support Stylists who are looking to shift their services. To support their clients at a slower pace, working in a way that doesn't encourage newness , trend led decisions and personal shopping in volume. 

This is an opportunity to have a 1 : 1 version of the S L O W  D O W N.  Workshop with the content adjusted to suit you from a 

work perspective.

I will look to the services you currently offer and identify how you can reduce your environmental and societal impact across your business, 

I'll give you a breakdown of helpful resources to accompany what we've discussed. 

Access to support when needed, to guide you through the process in shifting any services you offer, talking through how they can deliver to support ethical, sustainable values. 

I'm not looking to create clones of me, working exactly as I do. To work with a stylist is a hugely personal investment, your clients both existing, and new, want to work with You. 

I want to support you in making significant shifts, from small incremental, important changes that can bring significant change to communities, the climate. 

Not just for the one session we spend together, this is an investment that is to guide you through the process.

I want to take my experience, my study, my learnings and development in this area and help stylists to make changes, moves. Supporting Shifts.

To arrange time together, please email me. Flexible payments, should that be a support to you can of course be arranged.



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