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H O W   I   W O R K

There's a comfort in really understanding who you are, your tastes. Adopting an unapologetic ‘this is who I am' with your wardrobe, how it's representative of who you are is such a powerful place to sit.

Through our lives our body goes through so many changes. Our weight distribution differs. We go through our cycles, age, pregnancy perhaps. Shifts in career, lifestyle and relationships. All contributing factors in terms of how we perceive ourselves.

I work with you intuitively to lead you through understanding your body, how clothes behave on your frame and how you can use that knowledge in your future shopping decisions. Educating you on how to reduce the noise of brands, the high street, influencer culture and equip you with knowledge to shop smarter, with a considered approach and to do so confidently. 

” Donna brings her ideas to life with a sense of playfulness that really helps her to connect with clients. Her enthusiasm is excellent with a real passion for this field – which is one of the absolute essential ingredients. ”

John William    |   Tutor U.A.L

I qualified in Personal Styling from U.A.L [ Formally London College of Fashion in 2015.

If you're looking for high street hauls. You won't find that here. You deserve a more fulfilling sourcing experience to covet something and have that ceremony of its arrival. That's what you deserve.

I’ve always had an appreciation for the less obvious but impactful details. Exploring how fabrics behave, how you can create interesting details effortlessly. I take a considered thought process into each piece, how that fits your individuality, lifestyle and show you how you can enjoy it, make that investment work for you for years to come.

This is me, How I work.


I completely appreciate, to approach a stylist to consider spending the time you do with them, you need to feel confident that you feel heard, that your values align. If you'd like more insight into me, how I work, I'm very open across my social media, but in addition to that I've been invited to share my thoughts with other women, across their platforms, 

You're welcome to read through, listen to those here. To learn more about me, my methods.

T H E.  R E  -  D I R E C T O R Y


An IGTV live with Leigh, the founder, in support of Mental Health Awareness Week a conversation discussing the impact and the pressures of influencer culture on women's shopping behaviours' and the methods brands take to create the urgency.

T H E   F U T U R E   E D I T

@thefutureedit hosted by Kelly Ekardt

A relaxed conversational podcast discussing Editing the Future You. A series exploring different women's methods and how

they can support your self development. In this episode we talk about how powerful it is to know your own style, my methods to how I work, my values and why I stick to them. 

R E N T   A   G R E E K  V I L L A


A blog post inspired by some of the incredibly beautiful locations available through path travel designs with rent a greek villa.

T H E    R E  -  D I R E C T O R Y


An IGTV Live with Leigh, Founder of the Re-Directory. A directory of brands that you can search through dependant on what it is you're seeking and the values at the forefront of those the brands. A conversation where I talk openly about my views and exploring our connection to our wardrobe and the importance of being less reactive in our shopping habits.

I D E N T I T Y   &   B E A U T Y


A podcast interview, conversation exploring the strength in finding your identity through your style, my own experiences. Conversation about the noise of consumerism and how to filter that and all in between.

S L O W   S T Y L E    S T O R I E S

@slowstylestories - Bertie Bowen

An interview beautifully spaced over 6 Instagram grid posts. Talking about where I've come from. Where I get my inspiration. What my wardrobe comprises of, and why. So enjoyed being a part of this incredible series.

P I N K S   C H A R M I N G


Becky Pink attended my S L O W.  D O W N.  Workshop and then invited me to write a post for her readers / subscribers for her blog, which focuses on eco and ethical lifestyle. Voted on of the top 10 green blogs by Vuelio.

A  S P R I N G   C L E A N 

Precious Time Design - Nicola Kelly

A blog post to guide you through clearing through your wardrobe, With a free downloadable guide.

S L O W   .   D O W N   -  T H E    P L A Y L I S T 

I've curated a playlist on Spotify, it's 3 hours long, of music that's a little bit of a mixture, but all very mellow, perfect to edit your wardrobe to, or to listen to as you care for your knitwear, clean up your shoes. A soundtrack to set a relaxed mood to take care of your pieces.

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