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T H E   N O N   S H O P .  S H O P     140.00    

Through my work over the years it's been interesting to me to observe behaviours, the language used around shopping.  For many of us, being in store can provoke a really physical reaction. By that I mean, the heart rate races, your speech speeds up and your behaviour shifts. Some women I've observed have emerged out of a store and are unable to remember things they've seen, the mind is so busy, chaotic, you're swept up on the thoughts of consumption, an obligation to find something that you can't think rationally. And that. is a product of years of being sold to.

This is a different way of working together, The Non Shop . Shop. Where I take the concept of a Personal Shopping Experience, and instead of leading you around stores to buy. We will spend time together within stores where I'll talk you through reclaiming control, how to source pieces, explore labels and understand what they mean, what to look for when looking to invest in a more considered way.

I'll then collate notes for you to refer back to, I'll be here to offer you continued support, it is a process. To shift behaviours can take time. And that's ok. I'm here for that.

Understanding our wardrobe is powerful, as is understanding our behaviours and these decisions we make are hugely impactful on your own wardrobe, your headspace as well as having a positive impact on reducing waste, supporting circularity and brands who prioritise having positive impacts.

This isn't a test, this isn't me breathing down your neck in a shop and slapping your wrists everytime you go to touch something. Thiis is pushing back, this is a refusal to tow the line of being influenced to shop, and arming yourself to make informed choices, to feel in control of those choices.

Your reaction to shopping is individual to you, reflective of your experiences, the behaviours you observed and learned as you grew up. Influences of your peers. These may fuel an obligation to buy, create a panicked need or it may be that you feel overwhelm and a busy, noisy store whether that be the merchandising or the voulme of other shoppers is too much. Not exclusively experiences in high street stores, this can also apply to charity shops, vintage stores, if not more so, they're packed.


There is alot at play here, and I know some behaviours around shopping and sensory triggers may be due to a neurodiversity, whilst I'm not qualified to understand the complexities of a diagnosis, I do have an appreciation of how some environments could make you feel. I work in a gentle, respectful way, at your pace.

I push back against the sales culture, the 'must have it' narrative. I prefer a slower approach. A gentle but impactful guided learning process,

I can come to you, to stores you're familiar with. We'll spend up to 3 hours together in store, with additional time to re fuel , recalibrate, discuss.


I want for this service to be accessible as possible, it's these changes that have long lasting impact.  


Any questions, or to make your booking please get in touch

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