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T O   S H O P     350.00
this investment can be made over 4 monthly payments.     

An additional service available for my clients who have had the experience of a Wardrobe Edit. 

After your Wardrobe Edit I of course make suggestions that will work for you. This service is taking those shopping decisions to a new level.


It's us together, having that additional time to physically try pieces, In store before you commit. I will have organised a fitting room space where you can try pieces comfortably and I'll be the other side of the curtain for you to discreetly make any adjustments and clearly have the time to illustrate how and why these pieces will work. I want for you to get the most from this experience and feel comfortable. Having the in depth knowledge of what you already have in your wardrobe will ensure that anything purchased has had that level of consideration. 

I push back against the sales culture, the must have it narrative. I prefer a slower approach. To play the wardrobe long game. We can spend our time working through vintage stores, or I can organise locations with a mixture of it all. whichever suits what you need we can make our plans to fit.

After our time together you will have a greater understanding on how to dilute the noise of the shop floor. How to shop for pieces confidently, The physical shopping experience will feel less overwhelming for you. We will explore ideas and I can show you how best to pull looks together for various elements of your lifestyle efficiently that allow you to feel represented. To have that 'There She Is' moment. You deserve that.

Please note I do not apply an obligatory minimum spend.

[ A little something you may wish to consider when booking an Edit… If your cycle can influence your mood heavily, how your body feels. Please consider this when booking dates. This is something for you. You deserve to feel in a great place to enjoy it fully ]

Any questions, or to make your booking please get in touch

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