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S T Y L I N G    C O N S U L T A T I O N      90.00   

Whether we work together online, or in person I will send you a questionnaire before our time together to allow time to organise our thoughts so that we can really maximise the Consultation tiime.

These questionnaires have always been sent in the post, there's a power to the written word. This , As with all I do for you. Is deliberate.

To sit with something beautifully printed for you to devote that focus, away from a screen is hugely beneficial on so many levels.

I use your responses to collate some ideas in preparation for our call / meeting. We have an hour and I want to maximise that time,

We will focus on exactly what you need. From shape and proportion to understanding how impactful the intricate details and fabrics can feel for you. 


Further from our physical time together, you will also receive an Individual Inspiration Board along with a follow up email detailing the thoughts we've discussed, any links to suggestions and any resources from me that you'll find beneficial. This is a really helpful tool to support you in your future wardrobe decisions. To maintain that focus.

I enable you to get clarification. To understand what you need to consider with your wardrobe and most importantly why it works for you.

It's this that allows you to go on to make changes and pull looks confidently, to sift through the noise because you have that deeper level of understanding. 

To make your booking,  please get in touch.



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