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W A R D R O B E    E D I T      450.00
this investment can be made over 4 monthly payments      

Please allow up to 5 hours. For Edit time over 5 hours there will be an additional cost of 55.00 per. hr. 

Let me start by explaining what this isn’t.

A Wardrobe Edit is not, an opportunity for me to come into your home. Rummage through your clothes waving them over my head screeching…

” Seriously Dahhhhhling, What. Were you thinking?!”

It also, Isn’t.

Me throwing you into a 360 degree mirror in nothing but a pair of M&S’ finest offerings, and jiggling you around in the style of Gok Wan circa 2006.

What it is, however. Is powerful.

It’s a process. Where we work through your wardrobe. 

I take an approach that can differ from how others might work. I approach your wardrobe, removing section by section looking at pieces objectively and making combinations as we work through.

Working with you and your clothes to understand your shopping habits and your needs. We take what you have section by section. Breaking it down into what fits, what works, what needs adjustment what doesn’t feel right for you, and most importantly why.

I strongly believe this is where the learnings are.

We talk through your proportions, tones that work well for you, the importance of fit. There's so much at play here that makes this experience so impactful in terms of how we build and organise a wardrobe that works for you, that works hard and allows you to pull varied looks efficiently and with confidence. With my experience I can quickly identify what key pieces you need and the details they must to have to be successful for you. Most importantly I explain this to you, You would slip back into shopping habits that maybe haven't served you well if I didn't enable you to understand the key details we need to focus on for you.  I champion making your current wardrobe work harder for you. I will never suggest buying if it's not necessary. It’s not good for your headspace, time, budget or the planet. 

I have a directory of brands that I refer to and reassess regularly to ensure the brands I suggest to my clients have values that align, that have transparency with their practices and manufacturing processes. Brands that are inclusive with as many independents, pre loved as possible.


You do not need a huge shopping list. I push back against the 'shop till you drop' mentality. I champion investment in key versatile pieces with longevity. Responsibly. You can absolutely be relevant without having to trawl the 'new in' sections or 'swipe up' for the must haves. I am completely independent, What I suggest for you will only ever come from what I feel is best. I do not work with any brands or stores.

The tide is changing and fast fashion has had it’s fun. As consumers I believe we need to be more responsible. To take a considered approach to slow the pace down. You'll be amazed at how much I can get from what you already have, and with just a few key pieces introduced to elevate easy to pull together combinations. I hugely value the impact that simple detailing can make from the cut, to the fabrics and the tones. How fabrics behave on your frame, how they feel I can clearly determine what we need from spending this time together. 

I bring along all we need for your edit, I make notes and collate everything we’ve discussed from the edit into a document, including an inventory of what you have and identifying your hero pieces clearly for you. This allows you to enjoy the experience of your Edit and not worry about having to remember everything we cover, you'll have the opportunity to have that experience presented to you in a beautiful tangible document for you to refer back to.

This time together is the ultimate, the pivotal point in achieving that deeper understanding of the direction you're heading in allowing you to feel in control of your wardrobe. What's been described as the game changer.

You deserve my full attention. This is a process, whenever we work together I'm invested In you and our relationship is on going.

[ A little something you may wish to consider when booking an Edit… If your cycle can influence your mood heavily, how your body physically feels. Please consider this when discussing dates. This is something for you. You deserve to feel in a great place to enjoy it fully ]

Any questions, or to make your booking please get in touch

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