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T H E R E   S H E   I S  -  a   d o c u m e n t  -         190.00

A service I created to enable clients to have the benefits of working together from a distance, Before social distancing remote meetings  were a thing. I recognised for many women to have that time to invest was proving difficult.


This is a way to work together in depth that allows you the opportunity to take in the information at a time that suits you. 

I send to you, through the post, beautifully wrapped, a questionnaire to complete. A conscious decision as there's power to the written word. To take a few moments to yourself to focus on what you need. Women rarely prioritise themselves so to encourage you to take this part of the process away from a screen is deliberate. 


Through these responses I can get insight into your lifestyle, your inspirations, how you feel. We then have a brief call together to discuss some initial ideas for you, the opportunity to go through any questions I may have in light of your responses, and any questions you may have for me ahead of curating the report for you.. 

I work intuitively to produce for you a tangible document. These are detailed and give you inspiration with clear visuals of suggestions, how they fit with what you already have and how they work cohesively together. Suggestions that work for your proportions, that align with your values giving you a clear sense of direction. From what I refer to as 'The Backbone' of your wardrobe to the 'Finishing Touches' and all that works in between.

Each document is written from a blank page, there's no cut and paste here each one is as Individual as the woman they're written for. I play the wardrobe long game. This is something for you to refer back to over time. 

Each document is incredibly private. I do not share any work I create for clients across any social channels without permission.

I did share an example where the detailed notes were blanked out, on IGTV, which you can view here. Should you wish to have an example emailed to you, please let me know.

Once you've had the opportunity to drink in your notes. You will receive an electronic copy along with links to all pieces, suggestions and inspirations listed in order of how they feature through your report for your ease of reference.

It's worth mentioning here, this is a service that works beautifully as a gift and is very popular as such. 

 This is a process, whenever we work together I'm invested In you and our relationship is on going.

To make your booking, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

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