I have created and delivered intimate workshops with curated content to the attendees entitled

F O C U S  &.  D I R E C T I O N. A workshop that leads you through how to maximise your wardrobe and how to identify where you want to be,  how to successfully execute the looks you enjoy to suit you, your lifestyle. I have hosted this workshop to small groups in person for 6 years.


Through the pandemic I took these to Zoom and they were so well received which was just incredible. The response from the women attending , as to how I'd shifted their approach to their clothes and their thought processes has been so touching.

Another workshop  S L O W.   D O W N takes this  focussed approach but to another level. Leading you through shaping your wardrobe to reflect a more ethical and considered ethos. I discuss the consumption issues and social pressures to push newness. How to identify Greenwashing, and make more ethical informed choices.


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A great lead on from the F O C U S & D I R E C T I O N workshop, but not essential that you've attended that prior to this.

I donate 5.00 gbp per attendee to Empowerment Collective, an organisation founded by Nasreen Sheikh , herself a survivor of exploitation, Nasreen works tirelessly to amplify voices of women and pushes to eradicate modern day slavery.